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🎬 Check out my trailer for the world's first AI Film Trailer Competition 2024 with Curious Refuge & Submachine!

🖖🏻 Please Vote for me in the comp here:https://woobox.com/yn68fw/gallery/buAYpv5ieIg

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🚀 An epic sci-fi adventure "Beyond The Outside" — a film trailer inspired by the legendary EnderVerse saga by Orson Scott Card. Inspired like all good art inspires. Using all the latest Generative AI Tech! From mind-bending scenes crafted in MidJourney to working in new territory with Dough (Banodoco) and LensgoAI vid2vid and vid style transfers.

👀 Quick breakdown:
- Synopsis, Plot, Screenplay and Shots done with the aid of #zero1cine FilmmakerPRO GPT
- 500+ images produced in MidJourney (deffo lost count!)
- 100+ shots with motion animations done with Dough, LensGo, Kaiber v3 and Runway (all fused together with each other, not on their own)
- Full film edited in After Effects in about a week- Audio mastered and edited in Ableton

👽 GenAI does not make it easier, simpler, quicker or more straight forward - it’s made it possible for one person to be the director, the producer, the screenplay writer, the cameraman, the animator, the designer (you get the picture) - which is a mammoth undertaking and challenging - but it's so awesome to be able to push the ideas beyond. AI is not taking away jobs - it’s giving likeminded folk like me the ability to break the limits on creativity, and do things the way I want to do it and vision it. We’re still the pilots, and always will be!

No reference to anything copyrighted has been used in any part of my process. Only inspiration by amazing Sci-Fi adventures.

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