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The Weight Loss Scientist: You've Been LIED To About Calories, Dieting & Losing Weight: Gil

Diet Dr

Dr Giles Yeo is a Professor at the University of Cambridge, his research focuses on the genetics of obesity. He is the author of two books, “Gene Eating: The Story of Human Appetite” and “Why Calories Don't Count: How We Got the Science of Weight Loss Wrong”.

0:00 Intro
02:43 Professional bio
06:36 Why did you decide to focus on food?
10:41 How has our perspective on food changed since you started?
19:18 Genes & the link between obesity
23:59 Our brain hates us losing weight
33:05 How to burn fat
44:40 Calorie counting
54:29 Is gluten bad for us?
59:52 Lactose intolerance
01:02:17 Genetic components
01:06:07 Veganism
01:16:36 Juice is bad!
01:19:25 Alkaline water is a scam!
01:22:34 The link between ageing & gaining weight
01:34:08 Does exercise help us lose weight?
01:37:06 Body positivity
01:44:05 The last guest question

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Giles’ books:
Why Calories Don’t Count - https://bit.ly/3XWPtaL
Gene Eating - https://bit.ly/3Yc37X6

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