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Jasper AI review | Is it the BEST AI copywriting tool?!

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Jasper AI is supposedly one of the best AI copywriting and content generation tools. I've been testing it out for the past month – so let me show you the things it can and can not do. This is my honest Jasper AI review as well as a quick Jasper AI tutorial!

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✍️ Writing with Jasper AI

I can give Jasper AI a solid point right away – the main Dashboard is clean and simple, so learning how to use Jasper AI is very easy. You can browse the available tools on the sidebar or start the writing process straight from the center of the dashboard. There’s a TON of template options to choose from, which just goes to show how extensive this AI copywriting tool is.

Once Jasper AI knows the topic, there are quite a few information spots to fill in. The more things you specify before the generation process, the better the results will be.

🤖 Jasper AI chatbot

You can clarify a lot of things by using it, or gather ideas for posts – and so on. They based it on the GPT-3 API, and Jasper AI now uses multiple language models – from GPT-4 to Google and Anthropic. Basically, it determines the best combo for a specific use case. That said, sometimes, it can list sources that fit the question without actually using information from them – so the answer seems more well-researched than it actually is

🎨 Jasper AI Image generator

You’d think that with this tool, Jasper AI becomes a one-stop AI content creation platform. Yet the image generator is what I found the most disappointing. If you write a very simple prompt, the images tend to have a lot of issues – weird details, weird placements, and they often don’t follow common sense or laws of physics. You can try enhancing the description with the help of JASPER AI itself, but the art I got after that was still pretty strange.

00:00 Intro
0:21 Setting it up
0:41 How much does Jasper AI cost?
1:29 How to use Jasper AI
2:58 ChatGPT vs Jasper AI
3:23 Campaigns and Brand voice
3:53 Jasper AI chatbot
4:42 Jasper Image generator
5:26 Browser extension
5:44 Is Jasper AI worth it?

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