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Do you have a pet? Learn how to teach the Super Simple Song "I Have A Pet" to young learners with Caitie. It's a great song for starting conversations about pets and animals that is perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, ESL/EFL learners, and young homeschoolers!

WATCH the animated version of I Have A Pet ► https://youtu.be/pWepfJ-8XU0

DOWNLOAD free teaching resources for I Have A Pet ► https://supersimple.com/?s=I+have+a+pet+

More songs, lyrics, and free teaching resources! ► https://www.supersimple.com

Perfect for ESL, EFL, preschool, and kindergarten classes! Super Simple Songs is one of the most popular educational song series of all time and is used in hundreds of thousands of classrooms and homes in every corner of the globe!

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