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Don't Be Fooled! Skeletons Evolution is Still *BROKEN*

Skeletons Evolution is still broken despite the nerf in Clash Royale | Ian77 - Clash Royale

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Hello, I am Ian77. I am a top player in Clash Royale (a supercell game) aiming to bring you the best clash royale gameplay and the best decks in clash royale. I am also a pro player in clash royale league aka CRL. I play mainly Hog EQ cycle deck on top ladder but here on this channel you will find a wide variety of best decks in Clash Royale like best Hog deck, Miner deck, Logbait deck, Xbow deck, Royal Hogs deck, Pekka deck, Mega Knight deck etc and pro gameplay including Clash Royale Pro tips and tricks which will help you improve in Clash Royale. I also upload funny clash royale montage from time to time.

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